Why Do You Need Human Resource?

The Singapore Human Resources Institute said firms with a headcount of 50 and below should consider outsourcing. Some of these small companies may not have the expertise to fully understand and comply with employment rules. Consultancies can then plug this gap for firms.

TO FREE UP YOUR LIMITED RESOURCES and focus on your core business, LET US HELP you on these areas.

Payroll Services

We wish to draw your attention to the amendments made on the Employment Act by MOM. With effect from 1 April 2016, all employers will be required to maintain detailed employment records of employees covered under the Employment Act. (To find out more, please visit the MOM website link provided,

Our payroll services are as follows:

Monthly Payroll Services ($15/pax, Min.$50/month)

  • Prepare monthly payroll summary (including all your local and foreigner staffs) based on basic salary, allowance, overtime, and deduction
  • Keep proper record for each staff appeared in the year, for provision of year-end IR8A figures;
  • E-submission of CPF & SDL
  • Itemised payslips

Yearly IR8A/IR8S Services ($20/pax)

  • Online submission of IR8A/IR8S to IRAS
  • Printed IR8A/IR8S records for employees

Recruitment & Work Pass Application

When your business grows, you may need to recruit suitable candidates to fill some vital positions so as to achieve greater business performance.

We are MOM licensed agency based in Singapore with dedicated partners who specialised in diverse industries. We will strive to meet your hiring needs and requirements, with fast turnaround times, without compromising on quality.

Our services also include work pass application for foreign talents, i.e, Employment Pass, S Pass, Work Permit Pass, and Dependent Pass etc.